Bubba's Booster Bits Dog Food Flavor Enhancers

$ 4.99

Sprinkle Bubba's Booster Bits onto your dog's ordinary hard food to give it a flavor boost that will have your dog's mouth watering and wanting more!  It's a boost in flavor that turns the ordinary meal into a Bubba-licious good time!
You can even add a little warm water to make gravy that turns a dry boring meal into a savory warm hearty experience.
Invented by Gracie's brother, who she calls Bubba, the Booster Bits are the powder and small Beef Liver parts too small to sell as Doggie Delights.  As with any of our products, Booster Bits only contain one ingredient, freeze dried USDA inspected meat.  No additives ever.  
Gracie demonstrates the new Cheese Curd Topper!


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