Gracie's Doggie Delights Christmas Sampler Pack
Gracie's Doggie Delights Christmas Sampler Pack

Gracie's Doggie Delights Christmas Sampler Pack

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A Christmas Tradition!!!

Make sure your G-Dog or G-Cat has a present under the tree this year with our Christmas Sampler Pack.

Each Sampler Pack includes colorful bags of Gracie's Beef Liver Delights, Chicken Heart Delights, Chicken Breast Delights, Cheese Delights, a Gracie's Doggie Donut, and a mini size Butcher Blend Pet Food Flavor Topper. 

It's the perfect gift for the dog owner on your Christmas list. The seasonal container will look great under the tree and comes with a Christmas greeting from Gracie and her four Original G-Dogs (our Quality Control Department). 

Each sampler pack includes at least 2oz of Beef Liver, 2oz of Chicken Breasts or Breast Tender Pieces, 2oz of Cheese Delights, 2oz of Chicken Hearts, one Doggie Donut and a sample shaker of our Butcher's Blend Pet Food Flavor Topper.

The colors of the bags correspond with the colors of the products on the label.   

Like all of our products, everything in the sampler pack is freeze dried and USDA inspected with no additives, chemicals, gluten, or grains. Because the contents are freeze dried, there is no need to refrigerate. 

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Give the gift of delicious all natural delicious dog treats!

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