Gracie's Protein Power Pucks

$ 8.99

Gracie's Protein Power Pucks are an all beef raw dog food supplement. Like our treats, these pucks are freeze dried and contain no chemicals, gluten, grains or additives of any kind. 
You can feed the pucks either whole or break them into pieces. Re-hydrate by simply pouring hot water (1 cup per 1 puck). Let stand to cool, pour off any access water if desired and then watch your dogs eat the food they crave. 
Each 1oz puck originated as 4oz before freeze drying.The pucks pack protein power from a mixture of USDA inspected raw beef and beef organ meat. Each puck consists of 80% beef hearts, 9% beef liver, 9% beef kidneys and 2% beef bone meal.  
Talk to your vet about a raw food diet. If you already feed raw, these pucks are great if you're on the go or don't have anything ready. 
No need to refrigerate.
*While the Protein Power Pucks are a great quick meal, they should not be used alone as a primary daily meal source. 
*Always make sure your pet has access to fresh water to drink at all times.

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