Are your treats Made in the USA?

Absolutely. All of our products are sourced in the USA and consist of nothing but USDA inspected meat freeze dried at Gracie's local butcher in Watertown, WI. Nothing else is added, no chemicals or additives. Every week we get an email (in broken English) from various vendors in China asking to be our supplier. We would never do that and it really makes us wonder if other companies that claim to have "Made in the USA" treats do.

Do the treats need to be refrigerated?

No. Nearly all the moisture has been removed. It is not necessary to refrigerate.

What is the shelf life of the treats?

The shelf life of Gracie's treats is around six months.

Why are they different? Why does my dog love them so much?

Because they are the closest thing to a dog's natural diet. All of the nutrients and tasty goodness are locked in when the moisture is removed. Store bought treats are dehydrated through baking and those treats lose flavor. That's why so many chemicals are added.

What treat is best for my dog?

Dogs love all our treats, but here is quick breakdown of our Doggie Delights.

The Chicken Heart Delights are delicious one bite rewards. They make for wonderful pill pockets if you have a dog that needs to take medication. They are also loaded with taurine which is great for your pet's heart. 

The Chicken Training Treats are sliced chicken hearts. They are small, soft and can be broken even smaller for multiple treat training.

The Beef Liver Delights are the ones dogs go most crazy for. 

The Beef Training Treats are smaller versions of our Beef Liver Delights. They are ideal for multiple treat training or for smaller G-Dogs. 

The Beef Heart Delights are sliced beef heart and are loaded with vitamins and taurine which is good for your pet's heart. If you have a larger dog, check out the sliced version available only is 1lb bags. 

The Chicken Breast Treats are a wonderful treat that dogs love. It is "human grade" chicken like you would buy for yourself at your butcher's counter. These treats are also fantastic for older dogs or dogs with missing or very few teeth.

The sliced Turkey Gizzard Delights are a dry treat that are a bit "tough" or chewy because the gizzard is all muscle. 

The Chewy Treats are the full version of the sliced turkey gizzard treats. They are very chewy and will keep your dog busy. 

The Lamb Heart Delights perfect for dogs with food allergies. It is easier on their tummies.

The Beef Lung Delights are our lightest treat. Very lean and make for a quick reward. 

The Pork Heart Delights are a light treat and are smaller in size. They are great for training. 

The Cheese Delights are 100% Wisconsin Cheese. 

Do you sell cat treats?

We have plenty of "G-Cat" customers. Most cat owners buy the Chicken Breast, The Shrimp Delights and the Salmon Delights.

What is Grace's role in all of this?

Gracie has her hand in all of it. From picking up the product, to weighing and packaging, labeling and preparing for shipping. She loves to drop off the packages at the post office and is rewarded each day by looking at the photos of all her new "G-Dog" customers.

What about shipping?

Shipping costs for small orders (i.e. one small container) is $5.  After that, it's $8 flat rate shipping.  While other sites offer "free shipping", take a look the price of similar products. There isn't anything free about it. 

How fast will my packages arrive?

Gracie runs a tight ship. We usually ship the same day, if possible. Most packages arrive in lightning fashion in just a couple of days.