Why Freeze Dried?


 Why Give Your Dog Freeze Dried Gracie Doggie Delights?
Gracie's Doggie Delights have the nutrition and flavor of raw meat without the mess.
They are made in the USA using only USDA Inspected meat.   There are no grains, no fillers, no added ingredients.
The slow Freeze Drying Process locks in the taste and nutrients. Baking treats or dehydrating with heat causes the flavors to disappear along with the moisture. Our treats are truly no mess treats.  If your dog prefers a more juicy, tender treat, just add a little water to  them.  
Quite simply, these treats are what they say they are, nothing more, nothing less.  Beef Liver is diced beef liver, chicken hearts are chicken hearts etc.
These freeze dried meat treats are the closest thing to a dog's natural diet since we started bringing these awesome animals into our homes. 
Gracie's Doggie Delights are 100% US Sourced, USDA inspected meat freeze dried right at our local butcher in this machine. They are then packaged by Gracie and sent to your home for your waiting dogs.
Your dogs will know the difference!
Our treats do not need to be refrigerated. They have a shelf life of six to eight months if kept sealed.