What Vets Say About Gracie's Treats

"We at Johnson Creek Veterinary Care are happy to use Gracie's treats to make all our patients' visits the best experience possible. Our patients love them, and we love knowing that they're a healthy option. Our family also feeds Gracie's treats to all our own pets. Thank you Gracie for all your hard work!"

Dr. Amy Hudson
Johnson Creek Veterinary Care

"I choose Gracie's treats because of the natural, limited and high quality ingredients. I particularly love the benefits of organ meat, such as liver and hearts, for the health of my patients. Gracie's Doggie Delights makes it fun and easy to give your pet a power-packed high nutrition treat that your dog will thank you for"

Dr. Debbie Reynolds
Veterinary Home Health Care

"Our patients LOVE Gracie's treats and we love providing them with a high quality product with no fillers or artificial ingredients. With so many pets suffering from food allergies and sensitivities, knowing there is only one ingredient in each treat reassures our clients that their pet can enjoy Gracie's treats with no ill-effects. And the dogs can't get enough!! We also really love supporting a young, female entrepreneur" #smallbusinessstrong

Dr. Kari Raisbeck
Animal Clinic of Beaver Dam  

“At Galesburg Animal Hospital we like to use Gracie's Chicken Breast, Chicken Heart and Beef Liver treats because they are all natural without additives. They are a great distraction in the exam rooms and all our patients love them!”

Dr. Quinn King
Galesburg Animal Hospital

"North Lake Veterinary Clinic is proud to give our patients treats from Gracie. We go through about 10lbs of Beef Liver Delights a month in our clinic for our patients. They all love them! We are happy to support this amazing entrepreneur!"

North Lake Veterinary Clinic