Gracie's Shrimp Delights

Gracie's Shrimp Delights 2oz Package

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A super lean, protein packed treat that is ideal for cats and dogs. As with all our treats, the Shrimp Delights contain no additives or chemicals. These freeze dried morsels are soft, very light and are easy to break making them perfect for cats. They also are great for multiple treat training for dogs. These treats are also perfect for pets on restricted diets, have allergies or are overweight, as each treat contains just one calorie.  

Mess free treat.  No need to refrigerate.

The slow freeze drying process locks in the delicious flavor that pets crave. Like all our treats, the Shrimp Delights contain no grains, gluten, chemicals, preservatives or additives of any kind. They're the treats dogs (and cats) love and you'll love giving.  

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