Gracie's Turkey Heart Delights
Gracie's Turkey Heart Delights 1lb bag

Gracie's Turkey Heart Delights Freeze Dried Dog Treats

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Pet treats made with one ingredient, Freeze Dried USDA Inspected Meat --  No additives. Turkey hearts are rich in protein and other ingredients including all the B vitamins.(B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12).  These sliced hearts can easily be broken into pieces for training. 

Like all our treats, Gracie's Turkey Heart Delights are USDA inspected meat freeze dried raw with no additives. The slow freeze drying process locks in the delicious flavor that pets crave with no grains, gluten, chemicals or preservatives. It's a raw food treat without the mess. They're the treats pets love and you'll love giving.  

No need to refrigerate.