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Gracie's Doggie Delights

Gracie's Pet Shampoo Bar

Gracie's Pet Shampoo Bar

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Gracie's Pet Shampoo Bar is an all natural soap for your dog or cat. Our 4oz Colloidal Oat Soap bar features a delightful lavender scent you're sure to love. Made from Wisconsin oats, you're getting more than a clean pet. The oats are anti-inflammatory and can help relieve itching and hot spots. The shampoo's rich lather can restore your dog's pH levels, refresh your dog's coat and rehydrate skin. Each bar features lavender oil, which not only smells great, it's an natural bug repellent, can aid in sleeping and even relieve car sickness.

Each bar is made special for us from another great Wisconsin business, Tranel Family Farms Soap. The Pet Shampoo Bar features organic whole milk, which is USDA certified organic from their family farm.  Why milk? Milk contains lactic acid, encouraging dead skin cell removal. Milk contains fats, triglycerides, vitamins and minerals, which add moisture back to the skin.  If you love our Pet Shampoo, you'll love Tranel Family Farms Soap for your whole family.  

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